Transcorp is a leading provider of Distribution Solutions across the UAE. Since their launch, they've been working to improve the Supply Chain Cycle of their Partners by using innovative Programs that ensure Safe, Fast & accurate last mile ddeliveries. Transcorp has disruptively grown from 1 office in Dubai to now cover various locations such as Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha & Erbil. Their regional network and professional workforce handle a steady flow of deliveries; thereby helping businesses to keep up with their promises. By drawing on in-depth industry know-how and creating business enablement through state of the art innovative IOT solutions, they have delivered positive business results for almost all of their customers.

Business Case:

The CEO of Transcorp Rod Nacouzi, who is also now recognized as one of the most powerful Arab entrepreneurs, was looking to raise funds for scaling his business, but he was clear he wanted to raise investment from the right investment partner, who would add value on the board of the company. His key criterion always was to make sure that the investors eventually got a favorable return on their investment in due course, at that same time they were willing to share their upsides with Rod if he out performed on his business Key Performance Indicators

Where we added value:

  • Identified the key business measurables and the niche focus areas
  • Created a detailed business plan for 5 years backed by a financial model to provide the right goals for business KPIs
  • Based on the business KPIs and financial modelling, created justifiable valuation matrix acceptable to both the entrepreneur and the investors
  • Structured the Term-Sheet and timelines with consensus from both parties
  • Created and spear headed the financial, legal and operational due diligence
  • Enabled Upside Gain share for the entrepreneur and down side protection for the investors
  • Hand held the discussions to obtain consensus and signing of the final share holders agreement